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May 30, 2015

Spring Fling 2015 | Celebrating Children

Spring Fling 2015

"sweet spring is your time is my time is our time" -E.E. Cummings, Collected Poems

Spring Fling Comments

Spring Fling 2015: A Fun Day for All!

We are grateful to:

  • those parents whose children appeared on our invitation,
  • to those who sent a donation,
  • to those who hoped and wanted to be with us,
  • to the 70 friends of Network for Peace who arrived with
  • their 18 children ages 4 months to teenagers and had a great time!

Reflections that Day from Kathleen

In our invitation for this Spring Fling we said that it is f or the children we work to make peace in the world.

They are our hope!

Having and raising children is indeed an act of Hope. Thank yo u parents!

This day, this event is also an act of hope, it is also a celebration, a giving , this beautiful space, the magic of Don, the piano by Donna, the cakes, the invitations, all the work to make it all happen, and the actions of each that brought us t o be here this day! Thank you!

So many many connections and relationships among us/ between us over many years. This moment is already beyond hope! It is a miracle!

It is a sign that we all are one, that we are all c onnected and never need to promote violence....even amidst all those things outside us that we f ear.

Thank you for being part of this!

Reflections from Attendees

My dear book-friends held a fundraiser for children for th e Network for Peace through Dialogue today. I'm proud to belong to this community.


Saturday's event was a love fest. I really had a great time. I love being around you, Jinny, Peggy and the whole Network for Peace family!


I had a wonderful time and appreciate all you do to make this a better world...>!! God bless.

Sonia and Frank xo

Saturday's event was really a great success. Everyone had a wonderful time as it was great to be with so many fine people and their little ones! The Rigoni's are wonderful and generous hosts .


Dear Kathleen and Jinny, you are totally welcome!!!! We had a great time too. XXXXXXXOOOOOOO

Leslyn and Don

It was so good to see you too! Even after so much time it f elt like being home again! The family of the Network is truly our family.



Don, the magician performing for the youth


Here is a photo gallery of our Spring Fling. Hover over the photo to begin clicking through the gallery. To view our Flickr page, please click here.

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