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October 22, 2015

Recognition Night 2015

Hosted by Marymount School

On October 22nd at Marymount School, the Network for Peace honored Friends of Van Cortlandt Park.

Executive Director, Virginia Dorgan's opening remarks at Recognition Night 2015:

The Network for Peace through Dialogue has been working , in round numbers 1985 2015 30 years

It has consistently been leading the way of promoting dialogue as a way to settle differences and build the peace.

As we listen to what is going on these days we see the fruits of this work:

-For instance through dialogue and negotiation, not through war and bombing, the US and allies brokered an agreement around the nuclear weapons production with Iran

-the Pope in his recent visit mentioned dialogue many times in his talks and in his new Encyclical Laudato Si' each section of Chapter 5 has DIALOGUE in its title.

Work toward dialogue is bearing fruit!

Now we have some very good news to share. The Schlesinger Library at Harvard will archive our papers and website, Beginning now and as we continue. This research library is dedicated to the history of women in America. So our programs and how they were developed and implemented over these 30 years will be recorded there. Researchers from around the world will be able to access them.

Tonight we are celebrating the work of the Friends of Van Cortlandt Park, now Kathleen Kanet will tell you about our plans during the coming year.

President, Kathleen Kanet:

Following the good news about our files and archives being made available for researches at Schlesinger Library at Harvard and our intention to begin this transfer soon, we want to share with you some of our plans for the coming year. Although we are a small staff of seven people, we have big plans!

Tonight we are delighted to honor Friends of Van Cortlandt Park.

Their mission matches so well our values In Our Common Ground Project whose goal is to deepen our understanding of our place in the universe and relationship to everything on Earth. Like us, the Friends of Van Cortlandt work in their local community, building community and are concerned about creating better relationships with all on Earth.

In addition, we collaborate with many national and international Groups. We are connected to the United Nations as participants in the work of UN Committee to STOP Trafficking in Persons. One of the workshops we presented past year on Human Trafficking in a local church now is seeking our support as they continue to develop their own program outreach on this important concern. We attend, work on programs and report re gender issues during the time of the Commission on the Status of Women at the UN every March. We will indeed promote attention and action on the Development Goals recently proclaimed by the UN.

You will share in this action by following our interventions through our expanding use of social media, through our web, Facebook, Twitter, our Newsletter and our Blog.

This past year in our Common Ground project we interviewed via Skype 13 people also dedicated and working to save our Earth. These interviews will continue and we will continue to post these videos on our own special resource list re our Common Ground project found on our web.

For more than two decades we have engaged in gathering Living Room Dialogue sessions. All our notes for each session are available on our website. In the coming year we will continue our series of dialogues on Laudato Si which is the encyclical of Pope Francis: Our Care for our Common Home.

Recently dialogue got a big boost when the Noble Peace Prize was awarded to the Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia who through dialogue has preserved Tunisia's growing democracy while all the other countries involved in Arab Spring reverted back to oppressive states. Maisha Todd, on staff relates to this in her blog: in "A Call for Positive Role Models" to this prize. Look for it on our Blog and web.

This award was a real win for Dialogue! And for Network for Peace through Dialogue! We have worked diligently for many years since 1984 promoting Dialogue as a means of making peace.

As you can see we have a big year coming up! We hope you will be generous in the Auction. We have many donations available for you to bid which have been given to us from our wonderful large community of people.

So tonight, we recognize and celebrate The Friends of Van Cortlandt Park.


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