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May 9, 2014

Spring Fling 2014

Hosted by Leslyn and Don Rigoni

Reports after included:

It was a fun party.  You went all out with the food and wine and of course Donna was the highlight of the event. We are still singing along.

It was a really great party---we had a great time. Thanks for the entertainment (besides the piano and chorus) inviting those kids to keep everyone mesmerized was masterful!

The Program:

Spring announces new life and gives us hope. We see life growing again, blue skies and sunshine. It is a cause to celebrate and to gain new courage to continue to bring peace to our world.

Grateful for the children being born in our Network community we invited them to the Spring Fling this year too!

We are a mixed community: young and old, black and white, of different culture, religious and political beliefs but committed to dialogue as a means of making and keeping peace.

We heard reports on our initiative on ending human trafficking, our LRD Peacebuilders series and our staff participation in the NGO Status of Women Commission during the month of March 2014.

Thanks again to all who made this year’s Spring Fling possible!



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