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November 4, 2013

Recogntion Night 2013

Rachel Lloyd, Recognition Night Full Presentation

Recognition Night 2013 Hightlights

Event Description:

Honoring all Peacebuilders and especially Rachel Lloyd of GEMS was a celebrative evening on November 4th at Marymount School. One hundred friends of Network for Peace gathered to award Rachel this special honor. There was also time to eat and drink, to converse with one another and to participate in a silent and live auction which offered beautiful items and make a donation to the mission of Network for Peace through Dialogue. Thanks to all who participated!

It was a joyful evening on November 4th when over 100 friends of Network for Peace through Dialogue honored Rachel Lloyd, founder and director of GEMS, Girls Educational and Mentoring Service. Celebrated by the Network as a peacebuilder, Rachel was appreciated not only for helping sexually exploited girls and young women rebuild their lives, but for her understanding of the harsh root causes underlying their circumstances and for her courage in speaking out for social change.

After receiving a plaque that read:
Woman of Compassion and Commitment
Healing and empowering girls
Educating the community
Advocating for structural change

Rachel opened her comments by stating that these words absolutely captured the ones she would like have written on her tombstone. After that she spoke eloquently of her girls, her story and what we can do to prevent the kind of violence they experience. If people want to help, she said, they should do something like becoming Big Sisters or Big Brothers. The consistent attention and encouragement of even one adult can make a huge difference in the life of a young person and make it less likely that he or she will make bad choices later on. Even making small gestures like buying a homeless person a cup of coffee or just loving someone makes a difference. Plant your seeds, she urged, to bring more kindness into the world.


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