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Spring Fling 2009

Event Description: The 2009 Spring Fling was held on November 3, 2009 at Ron and Leslyn Rigonis elegant apartment

A great time was had by all. Over fifty people came together to enjoy delicious food prepared by Suzie Crabtree and Leslyn and to enjoy the smooth jazz sounds of pianist Christian Almiron.

For several years Laura Fernandez, a board member has celebrated her birthday at this event and invites all her friends to attend as a gift to her that she can make to the Network for Peace. Notice the pictures where you will see some of her wonderful friends.

The Network Board members had set up writing columns with some questions for the guests to consider: What gives you hope at this time and What would you like to dialogue about? What would you like to wish for Laura This led immediately to some good conversation during that evening.

Several responses were given to both topics. The fellowship felt at the event, support and love from friends and family as well as optimism about the role the worlds youth will play in the future. These were among the causes for hope. Additionally, several potential future topics for the Living Room Dialogue program were suggested including: Why cant we eliminate hunger in the world?, How can we uncover and overcome our prejudice? and How can we help educate and excite teens about world issues?

That evening too we had a giving tree and through the generous support of friends, the Network for Peace was able to raise enough capital to provide four youth scholarships to its upcoming conference Dialogue In/As Action being held this June 12th and 13th.


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