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Recogntion Night 2009

Event Description: The 2009 Recognition Night honoring Lela P. Love was held on November 3, 2009 at Marymount Manhattan College.

About the Honoree, Lela Love

At this year's annual Recognition Night, November 3, 2009, Network for Peace through Dialogue honored Lela Love, Director of the Kukin Program of Conflict Resolution and the Cardozo Mediation Clinic at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Just last month, Lela received the coveted "Frontline Champion Award" bestowed by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and the New York State Unified Court System. Also, she just concluded a year as Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution section of the American Bar Association. Lela remarked to the audience after receiving the award that one of her first assignments as an attorney had been representing a defendant accused of a crime who had sworn to her that he had no prior convictions. Believing him, she was blindsided when the DA appeared in front of the judge holding in his hand a list of her client's past wrongs. Lela's point was that people can have great reluctance to talk with others, even when it is to their benefit, let alone when they are in conflict!

That is why, Lela pointed out, the Network for Peace is so important, because it does the work of building communication among people and groups. Also, it recognizes, as did a favorite Judge of Lela's whom she quoted that evening, that even deeper than the need to strive for justice and individual determination is the need for connection. The Network for Peace through Dialogue honors, fosters and trains that need to connect. Lela Love and the Network for Peace through Dialogue both serve the same aims: building a peaceful world by sharing knowledge of the power of dialogue and mediation to close the gaps among us.


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