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Human Trafficking

What is Human Trafficking?

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes states: "Human trafficking is a crime against humanity. It involves an act of re-cruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring or receiving a person through use of force, coercion or other means, for the purpose of exploiting them." A summary of the work of the Network for Peace on human trafficking The Network for Peace has been documenting its work on its web-site for many years and for this reason it is a valuable resource for information about topics on which we have focused. Each of our sessions is documented, usually by Peggy Ray who edits our newsletter. The Network for Peace has promoted conversations on the topic of human trafficking since 2004.

Conference | Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women

In 1993, Sister Eugenia Bonetti returned to Turin, Italy after 24 satisfying years of missionary service in Africa. She was surprised to find prostitutes on every street corner, she told participants in this Living Room Dialogue, and discovered that this was the case in every Italian city and all over the countryside.

Publication | Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women

Human Trafficking

Network for Peace through Dialogue creates opportunities for individuals and groups to engage in constructive conversation in an atmosphere of openness and mutual respect. During the 2011-2012 period human trafficking was one issue addressed in the Network's program titled "Dialogue-Not Argument." A new educational resource on sex trafficking is now available for purchase it includes a DVD, background information and an outline for discussion. It features a passionate anti-trafficking activist Sr. Eugenia Bonetti. It is an excellent tool for opening the subject of sex-trafficking and considering actions for ending it. The purpose of this program is to: Educate and raise consciousness about sex trafficking Provide resource information Consider action steps to stop trafficking.

Make a donation to receive a copy of "Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women"

Educations Sessions on Modern Slavery

Since publishing our educational packet Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women, we have been gathering stories about its use. These stories, listed below, can be useful to others thinking about opening conversations about sex trafficking and considering action.

Educational Sessions on Modern Slavery
Organization Description

Catherine Dunne, RSHM

Act to Prevent Trafficking (APT)

Ireland |

Catherine said that the presentation of Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women, is "comprehensive and yet has a simple approach which can be used at different levels." Her organization, APT-Ireland, raises awareness about trafficking and collaborates with groups, educational institutions, and parishes as well as "supply" communities in Africa and anti-trafficking efforts across Europe. See the description of their work on their website. The accompanying DVD to the Modern Slavery packet is not in a format compatible with Irish players but she can access the DVD on line at here. This is where everyone can see the talk of Sr. Eugenia Bonetti.

Tau Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

Harlem Commonwealth Council

W. 125th Street, Harlem, NY

On May 8th, 2014 the staff of Network for Peace through Dialogue attended the event "Hiding in Plain Sight: A Community Discussion on Human Trafficking." It was organized by the Tau Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and had a panel of noteworthy specialists on the topic, including our director Virginia Dorgan.

This event took place around the time when Boko Haram kidnapped more than 230 school girls from a secondary school in Chibok, Nigeria. Numerous topics concerning this event were raised, along with the psychology of traffickers and victims, laws against it, community advocacy and empowerment.

The participants were allowed to ask questions to the panelists, and one of our staff brought up how our packet Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women can serve to start raising awareness about the issue for community groups. We were able to circulate about 12 packets to the participants.

Mary Louise Loe, Professor

James Madison University

Harrisonburg, VA

Mary Louise Loe used the packet Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women for the last week of the course called Human Rights, which she teaches at James Madison University. She found the information in the packet to be very clear and helpful in explaining the issue. She reported that her students were surprised about the statistics, since a number of them were not aware of this practice. She believes that "the students learnt a lot from the session on human trafficking since it struck close to home- not just some human rights issue occurring in some foreign country." She plans on using this packet in her next Human Rights class again.

The Joy J Initiative (outreach to the Homeless)

Blessed Sacrament Church

152 W 71st Street NYC

On May 19 Kathleen Kanet, Network staff, met with 20 members of the Joy J Initiative and presented an overview of the range and scope of Human Trafficking. She also reviewed the educational packet: Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women and presented them with a packet. They were very interested in what was happening to children in NYC. Their mission is reaching out to the homeless in NYC, providing them with “comfort bags” and information resources where they can get other help. They also have a website that offers informational resources on-line.

A Small Group of College Students

Washington Square Park

New York, NY

On 6th April, a small group of college students from NYU and Pace University gathered in a bench at Washington Square Park to discuss the issue of human trafficking using the packet Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women. Along with the packet, cards with information on good quality dialogue and questions to discuss were handed out to the three attendees.

All three of the students introduced themselves before the session started. Two of them were well-informed about it, and one wanted to see if her pre-conceived notions about the topic were correct. The DVD of Sr. Eugenia Bonetti was played on a laptop. After this, the participants were asked about their thoughts and what they could do to eliminate it. One student, who was an international management major, said that she would want to know if all the staff of the government was aware of it, and if they could have a similar session. Additionally, she added that some countries thrive economically from sex tourism so their governments should be aware of it. Another student who works for Legal Aid Society said that she would talk to her coworkers and give them flyers for our packet. The male participant (a communication studies student) said that he would try to come up with an engaging video on YouTube (which hopefully goes viral) to get the younger generation interested in it. He also took a number of cards with the human trafficking hotline, to put in every bar he visits.

Sylvia Scarpa

Professor John Cabot University

Rome, Italy

On April 23, 2014 Sylvia Scarpa ordered our educational packet Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women as she teaches a course called Human Trafficking and Contemporary Society in John Cabot University. She herself has created a piece on awareness rising about this issue, which can be accessed here.

Sylvia said that she liked the part of the video where “Bonetti underlines how traffickers are well organized and claims that those who are willing to fight against this phenomenon have to be united and coordinated too.” She will be using this section in her course. Because Sylvia herself encourages her students to raise awareness once they have completed the course, she is “confident that this packet could constitute an effective tool.”

Contemporary Roman Catholics

Holy Trinity Church

W 82nd Street, NYC

On 23rd March 2014, a panel discussion on human trafficking was held at the Murphy Center right after Sunday Mass. About 45 people attended it; some were a part of the Contemporary Roman Catholics group as well as other organizations. The Network for Peace through Dialogue staff used the packet Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women to guide the session. Along with the packet, cards with information on good quality dialogue and questions to discuss on the subject were handed out to the attendees.

Before the session started, each of the attendees introduced themselves and said what they knew about human trafficking. Some of them knew quite a lot about it, and there were some who did not know much and came to the session to learn. The DVD of Sr. Eugenia Bonetti was played, and groups of about five people talked together about the issue and what they can do to stop it. After these small group sessions, several of those present came up to the microphone and commented on the need for action and what they can do. All recognized that calling the National Hotline at 1.888.3737.888, where you call in anonymously trafficking suspicions at any time of day. Ten of the educational packets, Modern Slavery: the Secret World of Trafficking of Women were given to people who promised to use them with others. A special part of this session was the number of interested males present and involved in the program.

St Ignatius Loyola Parish

84th St. NYC

On Thursday January 23, 2014 I attended a panel discussion on human trafficking with approximately 70 people from the surrounding area. The leaders used the packet, Modern Slavery: the Secret World of Trafficking of Women. Each of the 7 tables had one packet and the photocopied pages from the packet , "Fact Sheet" and "What Can I Do?" My table suggested that the media should not portray any form of sexual harassment or violence casually. One group also added the websites Craigslist and Backpage are strict about foul language but portray prostitution and escort services openly, offering "services" and recruiting "employees." This event was a great initiative and many attendees said that the "What Can I Do" sheet from the packet will help in guiding them to take action towards this issue.

Celine Paramundayil, MMS

Medical Mission Sisters

Philadelphia, PA

Sister Celine Paramundayil told us that she shared the booklet with the international gathering of young Medical Mission Sisters in Philadelphia. She also told us that one of the sisters used it in a gathering thereafter in Mumbai, India.

Mary Friel, SND


She used our Modern Slavery booklet in her Social Psychology class at the community college in Connecticut where she teaches. She reported that the material was very well received.

Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary

Tarrytown, NY

June 8, 2013 Prayer Day

Several times a year, upon the invitation of the Vocation Committee of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, young women are invited for a day of prayer reflection and sharing.

Click here for the full story.

Michael Tyson, OFM

NY region of the Secular Franciscan Order

Michael Tyson presented the Modern Slavery packet to the 120 participants in their regional meeting on April 28 in Hackensack, NJ. As a result, 13 of the Fraternities acquired the packet for local use.

Sr. Roberta Mulcahy

Sisters of Saint Joseph

Holyoke, MA

On a wintery day, Sr. Roberta Mulcahy and sixty people attended the Modern Day Slavery event in Holyoke, MA. They prayed, showed the DVD and used the packet to gather information and discover ways to respond to the issue of Human Trafficking. The group was very pleased with the number of attendees. The meeting was filmed by a local Catholic TV network and written-up in the local newspaper. Since the meetings' conclusion Sr. Roberta Mulcahy and the Sisters of Saint Joseph have continued to "spread the word". Sr. Mulcahy's network was invited to a local college radio program for three consecutive Tuesday's to speak on Human Trafficking and to a class of teachers in the masters program. A group of retired Sisters made Blue Heart Pins (UN Blue Heart Campaign) and the donations received were given to a safe house; LCWR Region 1 project in Boston. Some Sisters met individually with local citizens, who through their work and/or their churches are trying to combat Human Trafficking. Sisters also worked for weeks with ECPAT and the Code of Conduct members as well as a local hotel owner in Springfield, MA. The hotel owner has finished all the paper work necessary to sign the Code of Conduct and is waiting to hear from ECPAT about the next steps needed for training his employees. The Justice & Peace Committee from Sisters of Saint Joseph plan to bring the Human Trafficking issue forward in future meetings, and to continue to work with other hotels in the area and to respond to educational opportunities wherever needed.

Mike Tyson, OFM

Holy Name Parish

207 W 96th Street

New York, NY

201 749-0276

302 358-8663

Father Mike Tyson took 50 copies of the educational packet for a meeting of the Regional Secular Franciscans to be held April 20, in Hackensack, NJ. It is an all day meeting where they expect 100 people from the New York and New Jersey area. Father Jud Weiksner OFM is the main speaker and theme is Trafficking.

He will sell the book to those who want to purchase one.

Sister Eveline Murray, RSHM

Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary

391 S/D

Dangmavura, Mutare


011 263 20 30384

Eveline is the Program Director for the Diocese of Mutare. She will use the booklet in a training program for her staff. They already have been working on the issue of Human Trafficking for some time.

Sister Ellen Marie Keane, RSHM

Marymount Community

Tarrytown, NY

Sister Ellen Marie had a meeting with nine others sisters in her community using our modern Slavery booklet. She began by showing the DVD of Sister Eugenia. She reported that they were all very impressed. The DVD was followed with a long conversation about how they could learn more and act to stop human trafficking.

Fortunately, one of the sisters in the meeting was a member of the NGO Committee on Human Trafficking. Therefore, they were able to get further information about the issue. Together, they decided to look for articles and narratives concerning the problem so that at their next meeting they could read and further discuss what they have learned. Following this, Sister Kathleen Kanet suggested the reading of our last blog as one source of information. Our last blog covered some reflections about the theme of the United Nations, Commission of the Status of Women of this year: Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls. If you are interested in reading, here is the link:

Kathleen Kanet, RSHM & Virginia Dorgan, RSHM

Marymount University at Arlington

Arlington, Virginia

Sr. Virginia and Sr. Kathleen gave a presentation of the video and Modern Slavery packet at Marymount University as part of their Ethics Awareness Week to a full room of about 50 faculty, students, and staff . Suggestions, from those gathered, for additional ways to combat trafficking included:

  • talking about the issue and making others aware of it
  • for prevention of recruitment, including the issue in high school curricula
  • raising sons to think of sex as part of a relationship (responsible masculinity; not self-gratification and power)
  • promoting gender equality
  • encouraging peers not to use prostitutes

This presentation went hand-in-hand with a talk on human trafficking given later the same day by Bradley Myles, executive director and CEO of Polaris Project. Marymount presented Mr. Myles with the university's Ethics Award for his work combating modern slavery.

Click here for the full story

Arlene Primus, MSC

St. Mary Medical Center - CPE Program

Langhorne, PA

They plan to use the DVD in a seminar whose basic goals claim: theological perspectives of our CPE program. This is presented so that diverse faith, tradition and culture backgrounds of our students are addressed and respected.

Eileen Kerwin Jones

Pact-(Person against the Crime of Human Trafficking)- Ottawa

Tarrytown, NY

They used the Modern Slavery packet to educate their NGO members and also to raise public awareness, particularly in their educational efforts. They had a wonderful visit of Sister Eugenia and it was lovely and inspiring to see her continued efforts to combat human trafficking.

Sister Nancy Casey

Rochester Sisters of St. Francis

Rochester, NY

She shared the program with all of the sisters who then did presentations to parish and civic groups about human trafficking and Eugenia's story. Also, she said that the Modern Slavery packet is helpful to train their new volunteers. She suggested that it might be helpful to have more information in the video about US problems as well.

Sr. Catherine Bennett, RSHM

Tarrytown, NY

On January 16, Sr. Catherine Bennett spoke to the RSHM Extended Family gathered at Marymount School in NYC.

Click here for the full story

Cecile Meijer RSCJ

New York, NY

Information was shared with the attendees of the RSCJ Assembly in July. Flyers about the Modern Slavery resource were made available to those present.

Sr. Joyce Cox & Rev. Thomas Marti

Archdiocese of Seattle

Seattle, Washington

Fr. Tom Marti has written about the Modern Slavery Packet and how we have used it here in the Archdiocese of Seattle. The Ecumenical/Interreligious Focus Committee has seen it and out of that discussion is sponsoring the coming together of various Ecumenical and Interreligious groups and organizations that are working on human trafficking in hopes we might form a coalition from those groups. The film was very informative and helpful for this.

RSHM Provincial Center Eastern American Province

Tarrytown, NY

12/8/12-Ten additional copies of the packet were given to Sr. Margaret Ellen Flannelly who will distribute them as needed. Recently there was a call from Tarrytown that several people wanted to present the issue to their groups. Each copy had a response form from which we hope to get additional reports.

Sr. Roberta Mulcahy, SSJ

Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield

Holyoke, MA

Our Justice & Peace Committee is planning a meeting for January 11, 2013 (Human Trafficking Awareness Day). This will be open to the public and we plan to show the Modern Slavery DVD, and hold a discussion at that time. We will be happy to share the results with you after that gathering. In the meantime, we have been working with a local hotel owner about signing the Code of Conduct and all that is involved with that process. So far that process has been very positive.

Bette Ann Jaster, OP

Dominican Sisters of Hope


The Dominican Sisters of Hope had two Living Room type dialogues focused on the educational packet, Modern Slavery: the Secret World of Trafficking of Women. In the second session 23 of their lay staff met to watch and discuss the film, share the resource material, and explore the issue of human trafficking. The resource is available to their members and lay associates for use in parishes and workshops.

Click here for the full story

Cathy Minhoto, RSHM

Montebello, CA

At the international JPIC meeting of RSHM in June, the Mozambique animator was asked to see if the region could work on a Portuguese version of the packet for use in the Portuguese-speaking areas of the Institute. My contribution was to review the DVD of Eugenia's presentation and prepare a transcript of her reflections to be used in Portuguese-speaking areas of the Institute. At the same time, my colleague and I will continue to look for opportunities to share this resource, which has been so thoughtfully prepared.

Click here for the full story

Sr. Pierrette Boissé

Congregation de Notre-Dame

Montreal, QC, Canada

Sr. Pierrette Boissé shared the educational packet with a Social Justice Coordinator for a large group of persons and many others in networks built through the years. She has given information sessions, talks, and presentations about trafficking to a number of groups and she appreciates obtaining new material to share with others.

Click here for the full story

School Sisters of St. Francis

Pittsburgh, PA

The educational resource was given to the sisters to listen and take some action to stop trafficking of human beings. The School Sisters of St. Francis are currently involved in working with the Diocesan group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to stop trafficking.

Cure of Ars Church

Merrick, NY

I would like to use the information to hold an awareness program.

Dianne Balnis

East Hampton, NY

I have two books to take to:

  • A local high school guidance department
  • East Hampton police chief
Pat Weidner

Wainscott, NY

I will present it to my daughters, one who is a teacher in Delaware and one in New Jersey. There are 5 children between them.

Claudia Ghetu

Sag Harbor, NY

I plan on preparing a presentation in Sag Harbor at the Kadampa Buddhist Center and use an article in the

Rev. Thomas J. Marti

Maryknoll Mission House

Seattle, WA

Shared the information with the Ecumenical Focus Committee, the Coalition of Ecumenical/Interfaith members, and with groups in my BVM congregation

Antonietta Abreu, RSHM

International JPIC Coordinator

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Below is a detailed report of how the educational packet has been used in Brazil.

Click here for the full report

Sr. Catherine Bennett, RSHM

Transfiguration Parish

Tarrytown, NY

November 15, 2012 results were:

  • The 20 people, plus the two Parish Priests (Carmelites) were very anxious to learn about this as they all said in the beginning of the evening that they knew very little.
  • They wished the film had been longer with more information.
  • They were in admiration of Sr. Eugenia for her courage and hard work and devotion to these poor people.
  • They wanted to know more about Trafficking and the involvement of Religious women in helping these women.
  • How to donate to the cause?

They wanted to know how to donate.

Ute Wannig

Founder and Executive Director, Christian Initiative Center of International Learning

Frankfurt, Germany

Network for Peace through Dialogue grew out of the vision and through our collaboration for many years with Ute of the Christian Initiative Center of International Learning.

After receiving a copy of our educational packet on Modern Slavery Ute wrote: "Thanks for the Bulletin on Trafficking, which you mailed to me recently. We have many groups and organizations here with this focus. It has been the women's' movement, who has discovered this dilemma early on and institutionalized it into the Green Party. Terre de femmes, Center international women migrants (cim) a.s.o. I shall hand the bulletin over to cim, because it might be interesting for them your work in NYC, the approach and how you address the topic.

All good greetings for today, my dear, from Ute"

The Justice & Peace Coordinator
School Sisters of St. Francis

Melrose Park, Illinois

We presented the information to the members of the Justice and Peace Team of the Province. Members of the team are working on identifying truck stops, inquiring if they are information on this issue, requesting permission to post information re: Truckers Against Trafficking. Eventually, the whole province will be engaged in this effort.

We also have a "house on the border" that takes in and works with women who are being trafficked.

Louise DeSantis Deutsch

South Dennis, MA

I've viewed the DVD and done some background work on the Human Trafficking materials and I'll be introducing them for discussion in my writing class soon. Stay tuned for outcomes.

Rev. Thomas J. Marti, MM

Seattle, WA

Sr. Joyce Cox, Chair of the Interreligious Committee of the Archdiocese of Seattle is using the educational packet. The focus issue of the committee is human trafficking. In addition we are having a Mission Forum at our Maryknoll Mission House on the topic in October to raise consciousness of the issue.

Lyn Fine

Berkeley, CA

The educational packet inspired a group of high school seniors from Portland, Oregon to start their own non-profit to end youth slavery. The group has founded a website:

On October 6th, the group is holding the 2012 Walk to End Slavery at Director in downtown Portland at 2:00 PM. This is an opportunity to hear Commissioner McKeel speak about trafficking in Portland, learn more about the issue on a global level, sign petitions for change, and make a statement that we not only refuse to be a part of the problem, but we pledge to be a part of the solution.

Dr. Kim Boykin & Sr. Clevie Youngblood, RSHM

Marymount School

New York, NY

Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Women Trafficking used in a New York City classroom.

Click here for the full story

Sr. Celine Paramuda, NGO representative at the UN

New York, NY

Gave the packet to a friend ( Regy Augustine) who will use it on the annual meeting of religious on Human Trafficking in Bombay held Sept.21st-27th.

Franciscan Federation

Washington D.C.

Our largest order for Network for Peace's educational packet "Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Woman" came with an order for 62 packets from the Franciscan Federation Third Order Regular.

Click here for the full story

The Dominican Sisters of Caldwell

Caldwell, NJ

The Dominican Sisters of Caldwell plan to use at Justice meetings, and with Lay Dominican Associates.

An East Harlem Social Service Agency

East Harlem, NY

A social service agency in the East Harlem section of New York City used the packet in a reflection group which meets monthly. The group is composed of 8-10 staff members, some from a religious order, some with secular backgrounds. The discussion of sex slavery led them into sharing experiences they are having with people they work with in the community.

Read the full Session here

Cormaria Retreat House

Sag Harbor, NY

Forty Women who meet regularly at Cormaria for prayer enthusiastically enter into concerned discussions about human trafficking that is taking place in their local area and think about what they can do to act.

Read the full Session here

RHSM Sisters at Marymount Convent

Tarrytown, NY

With energy twenty five women including sisters living in the convent and from the Tarrytown area, from the Extended Family and some members of the provincial staff shared stories and committed to action to end this new form of slavery. Comments from some of the participants:

Read the full Session here

Sr. Eugenia Bonetti

Rome, Italy

Presented the material at the Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) meeting for representatives of the 5 provinces and 2 regions of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary in Rome - July 2012.

Episcopal Church Women

New York, NY

Episcopal Church Women plans to present- the Modern Slavery DVD Presentation/Workshop will be presented at the end of October for the Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of NY, at their annual conference at the Stony Point Center, Stony Point, NY.

Trafficking Resources


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provides a framework to move from working on this issue individually to addressing it collectively.

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Anti-Slavery International

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relief during emergancies, and works to help those in the third world break the cycle
of poverty though community based sustainable development projects.

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in the US. By conducting and disseminating research, educating policymakers, providing technical assistance to criminal
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change that reflects the dignity of all people.


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El Puente School and the program

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of members (youth and adult) in the arts, education, scientific research, wellness and environmental action.


Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking

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and any other services that they might require.

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GEMS: Girls' Educational & Mentoring Services

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is to help these girls and young women to exit the industy and develop their full potential.

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economic exploitation and receive an education.

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demand that we promote justice and peace and that through a faith awareness of having our being in God,
we can act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God.


Human Goods

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issues, probing the depth and scope of the problem and helping people connect to the ways in which they can combat it.

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human rights and activists world wide

Human Trafficking Clinic at University of Michigan

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issue of human trafficking. Also known as modern-day slavery, human trafficking is the recruitment, transportation,
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concentrated wealth, corporate influence, and military power.

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victim rescue and aftercare. They also work with local justice system to ensure that the poors' rights are protected.

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in managing the growing challenges in migration management, Advancing the understanding
of migration issues,Encourage social and economic development via migration,
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Sanctuary for Families

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prevention and advocacy. In the meantime, we desire to support survivors on their paths to hope,
healing and justice. TAASA is the voice of the sexual assault movement in Texas.
We are a unifying force bringing together parties involved in and affected by sexual assault as a catalyst for change.

The Child Labour Coalition

Works to end child labor and exploitation.

The Concerned for Working Children

Seeks to empower children so that they may defend themselves and know how to make informed decsions.


UN Global Programme Against Trafficking

UNODC is a global leader in the fight against illicit drugs and international crime. Established in 1997 through a merger
between the United Nations Drug Control Programme and the Centre for International Crime Prevention,
UNODC operates in all regions of the world through an extensive network
of field offices. UNODC relies on voluntary contributions, mainly from Governments, for 90 per cent of its budget.

Understanding Child's Work, An InterAgency Research Cooperation Programme

An organization working to mainstream child policiese.

UNESCO Bangkok, Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education

Since 1961, UNESCO Bangkok, the Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education and Cluster Office for the six "Mekong"
countries, Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR, and Singapore, and indirectly through UNESCO country Offices
in Hanoi and Phnom Penh, promotes peace and human development through education,
sciences, culture, communication and information.

United Methodist Committee on Relief

A humanitiarian relief development agency working to alleviate human suffering


Vital Voices Global Partnership

An organization striving for the empowerment of women everywhere.


For more information on how you can get involved and how we can work together to eradicate the issue of human trafficking, please refer to the following list of organizations, here

A summary of the work of the Network for Peace on human trafficking

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